Fleur and the enviroment

In a world where people are increasingly aware of the importance of the environmental protection, being eco-friendly means taking responsibility for a problem that affects all of us.

This led us to focus our attention on the waste disposal and on new trends that characterise the world of fashion and design such as upcycling: transforming waste and objects fallen into disuse into unique pieces that can also be considered works of art.

The new mantra of designers is:

According to this motto and pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle, we have created a completely ecological product, suitable for any surface, so as to reduce the amount of waste.

Furthermore, our partly handmade production methods are the most environmentally friendly. This, combined with our 100% recyclable glass, aluminum and cardboard packaging and very low VOC emissions (below the minimum quantity ​​established by the European law), makes Fleur an environmentally-oriented reality.