A company is made up of people and we are very proud of our team. Do you want to get to know it?


In 1946 Luigi and Adele Dallamano founded the company Colorificio Centrale S.p.a. in Brescia dedicated to the production and sale of painting for decoration and restoration. From the beginning, the company has been characterised by the value attributed to research, innovation and dedication to the development of high quality products.

To date, the family business, run by the third generation, has established itself on the market also internationally, thanks to its particular sensitivity to changes and new trends in the world of colour and decoration.


Fleur exclusive recipe comes from over 200 years of experience in the world of professional products for the decoration and restoration of historic buildings. The combination of an ancient method of production and a modern approach, combined with a careful selection of raw materials, has led to the creation of a unique colour.

Thanks to the recipe of Fleur, the light, striking the pigments, illuminates the entire surface, giving it a unique appearance.


All our colour charts are handmade by our decorators, so that even the most special shades of our Fleur selection can be appreciated at best.